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Monologue of the Week 

Hey, everyone! Every week I will be uploading a 1 min monologue from a TV show, film, or play. I want to create a social media trend that will allow fellow actors to comment and collaborate with each other through social media, with the hashtag #monologueoftheweek. I would like actors around the country and around the world to upload a 1 min monologue every week. I want actors to encourage and give constructive criticism on their performances. I want to empower actors to always be working on their craft, whether or not they are cast in a film, TV show, or play. So please join and I hope you like my videos. 
Week 1 2/10/2017
Week 2  2/18/2017
Week 2  2/18/2017
Week 3  2/25/2017